Red Brick Inn
       The Red Brick Inn was built in 1924 by Henry Gruene Jr., grandson of Gruene's founding father, Heinrich D. Gruene. Mr.Gruene Jr. lived in the Red Brick home until the mid 1970's when he sold the property to a group of developers, these men saw bits of life in the remains of a once thriving town and began to revive Gruene, TX. 
       In 2011 we got the opportunity to take over management of the Red Brick Inn. We decorated the Inn in an old-world style to complement the charming building we had recently adopted.
       The 6 guest rooms of the Red Brick Inn vary in size and amenities: they sleep between 2 and 4 guest, and each has; a tv, microwave, mini-fridge, a coffee pot, wi-fi connection, and a private bathroom, some of which have a claw-foot tub, but no shower. The Guests of the Red Brick Inn are welcome to a breakfast buffet, which is served, up the street a quarter-mile, at The Gruene River Inn, and includes a tasty array of pastries, cereals, and fresh and locally made breakfast tacos; as well as being welcome to the snacks offered in the foyer of the Red Brick Inn. 
     Being conveniently located in the heart of downtown Gruene, the accommodations at The Red Brick Inn are suitable for nearly all who want to visit Gruene. To accentuate the home away from home experience, we hope to provide our guest with, the Red Brick Inn does not have a Guest Attendant; 
 Guests of the Red Brick Inn check-in at The Gruene River Inn, located at 1111 Gruene Road, where guest services are available.